Support Groups

The A1C Champions ® Program, sponsored by sanofi-aventis U.S., is a patient-led approach to diabetes education. A1C Champions are people with diabetes who share diabetes self-management and lifestyle strategies based on extensive training and their personal experience. An A1C Champion's primary role is to conduct empowering presentations for other people with diabetes, their family and friends. In these patient-to-patient presentations, an A1C Champion talks about his or her physical, emotional and psychological experiences with diabetes. By sharing personal insights and helpful approaches with others, A1C Champions® help empower others to make the right choices in taking care of their diabetes.

The A1C Champions® program offers diabetes education workshops led by people with diabetes for people with diabetes. Through interactive 60-minute sessions, the well-trained Champions share their personal experiences with diabetes self-management, as well as tips for maintaining better control of blood sugar levels.

Peri, Evan and Tyler Kramer have participated in the A1C Champions family support group program since 2009.

Read below about the family support group program, led by Tyler Kramer and his parents, and click on the Events tab to see upcoming programs.

Tyler and Evan leading a family support group at All Children's Medical Center in St. Petersburg, Florida.